How would you describe a Rich Life ?

A life which is abundant, satisfaction to the core of your being in every aspect of your life. It may not be perfect but there is no resistance from within to change anything and acceptance is there of how things are currently.

At the same time you are aware what areas need improvement to make it more fulfilling for yourself and others around you.

If we would have to quantify the Rich Life how would we do it:-

1. Money
2. Health
3. Relationship
4. Time
5. Inner Satisfaction

According to me,

A Rich Life would be one where we don’t have to worry about Money, have lot of time to do things which we love, Focus on health and Relationship. This in turn will bring satisfaction.

Lot of our time is spent in earning Money for our day to day needs and for our wants.
In the process of doing so we end up in vicious cycle of earning more and spending more money. We start compromising on other areas of our life.

So to enjoy a Rich Life we need to understand principles of Money, and how we can achieve Financial Independence.

This blog is not just about Financial Independence, but about the Rich Life, spending your time on things which you Love.

Make this the 1st Day of your Rich Life and commit to the journey to become Financially Independent.

The journey to Financial Independence is not just about reaching the goal but the process. It’s about how we can change our habits for good and the same can be applied to other areas of our life like Health, Relationship etc.

I hope that all my readers live a RICH LIFE.

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