Strength Comes From Purpose, Whats your Purpose?

Financial Independence itself should not be your ultimate goal, it should lead you to some higher purpose which you always wanted to pursue but could not due to Money.

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Find out the Why, and the purpose will give you much required motivation and endurance to follow the path of FI

Visualize what will be your life if Money is not a constraint, close your eyes and visualize now

– Write down what you just saw with your closed eyes and make it a reality

My Purpose:

1. Get more time to spend with Family and Friends, Reading, Writing, Stock Investments, Poker, Travel
2. Spend less time on work which I don’t like and is not aligned with my purpose

So I have a 2 sided Motivation for pursuing FI:

– I am pulled by the positive aspects mainly freedom of time and freedom to pursue what I love to do.

– I am pushed towards FI, to get away from meaningless work, commute, office politics etc.

Both pull and push(get away from) motivation are very powerful.
I would say get away from is the current reality as you may be in it now and pull aspects will grow over time or will be achieved in Future.

Hope you find your Purpose and achieve your goals. All the best. Keep Going.

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One thought on “Strength Comes From Purpose, Whats your Purpose?

  1. Superb CR. People without dreams like Smile without Happiness. For anything we do in life we should always ask Why rather than How.

    Why weighs 95% and How is 5%. Why drives us, motivates us, keeps us focused and most importantly helps us stay on course.

    Looking forward to more such writes.


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