Investing Lessons I Learnt from Cheteshwar Pujara

In Just concluded Test Match Cricket Series between India and Australia,
one player stood out and he is none other than Cheteshwar Pujara who also ended up being player of the series.


He amassed 521 Runs, facing a total of 1258 Deliveries in 7 innings
With his monk like calmness while batting he has frustrated the opposition bowlers

He has focused on the longer version of the game, developed the mindset and patience to play the long game, so that he is the best in the format.

Some Excerpts from his FoxNews Interview:-

On Being in the Moment :-
“I try and keep my mind blank. For me, batting is like meditation. If you have any thoughts in the middle then you can’t concentrate for long periods. Whenever I am at the non-striker’s end, I try to have a blank mind. Not to think about anything, just enjoy the moment and still be aware of what is happening around me”

On Habit :-
“I have been able to score big runs in domestic cricket. When you score big runs, you develop that concentration, that habit of staying at the crease for longer periods. That habit has helped me”

On Practice :-
“For me, practice is the most important thing. My father has told me one thing – you cannot get out in the nets. If you create a habit of playing a loose shot in the net, it will automatically come in the match. For me, success is about practicing well and preparing well”

As market participant following are the lessons we can learn from Pujara

1. Focus on what you want to become

As market men we have many choices, do we want to trade intraday, positional or be investor, short term or long term.
It depends on individual choice, as Pujara choose to focus on tests we can choose one area and develop that game.

I have done all intraday, positional, short term and long term investments. The results are not encouraging at all.

I have always done both Long term and leveraged FnO simultaneously
What I have realized that I don’t have clear lines drawn, in leveraged trade you need to have stop loss, for long term investment you need to buy the dips if you are confident of the long term growth. I have done opposite sell the long term position and averaged the FnO. You can go wrong in multiple ways, when you don’t know which game you are playing.

There are only handful of investors who are good at both trading and investing.

So Focus on the game you want to develop and be the best in that game.

Last year I identified doing all simultaneously was the poison for me and decided to eliminate it and focus on Long Term Investing.

The results are encouraging in terms of what I am learning, returns still to come. I am happy with the process and am sure outcome will come sooner or latter.
2. Create Habits that will help you in your chosen game

Once you have chosen what you have to become you need to have habits to help you in that.
For long term you need to develop your patience, stay away from fear mongering media and short term negatives.
Change the perspective to few years instead of few quarters.

You need to develop the ability to act in fear, its complete opposite to our nature but it can be developed.

Associate yourself with people who are following the same path, it surely helps.

e.g. Previously I used to sell all my investments on slight negative news or after prices have bottomed out.
Now I access the situation, try to understand if the story has changed or is it passing negative. I wait for things to play out and buy on dips.
3. Don’t play loose

As Pujara’s dad advised him not to get out in nets and not play loose shots.
We should be very mindful of our process and belief systems.

We should not play loose game and avoid repeating the same mistakes.
We should always have positive mind set and belief that if we have right process the positive outcome will eventually come.

Always be positive and enjoy the moment.

Happy Investing and Happy Cricketing.

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